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Monday, October 5, 2009


Moon Chants News & Specials
Moonlight Enchantments

Moon Chants -
Issue #41 - Circ. 33,993

Greetings Dear Friends & Clients!

Welcome to Moon Chants October 2009 Issue!

October is a very special month, bringing a very special season. During the month, we can hear nature whispering by the cool, crisp wind. Any magick we perform during October is naturally triple powered so results are extremely fast with enormous energy. And we welcome the spiritual world to meet with our own as the veil between the realms is the thinnest.

This month will be my most fascinating October ever! My family and I are visiting our relatives in Northern Ireland. We will leave on the 2nd and return home one month later. But a family reunion isn't the only reason we are visiting this beautiful country. It's for you as well. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to project this type of magick for you. So although I will be in Ireland all month long, I am working the entire time. And many of the relatives who are meeting at the family castle are professional clairvoyants and practitioners of the magickal arts. They will be assisting me with all of my readings and spell work. So I will be directly working with 12 other people with extensive experience. Of all the magick I've ever performed in my entire life, there has never been such univeral power, energy and strength as there will be this Samhain with the aid of 12 of my relatives.

So as you embrace this dark autumn night, I invite you to browse through this Newsletter to read about Samhain (Halloween), the Season of Magick; the Realm of Spirits; folklore; free spells and divinations; and incredible, super-charged Specials from

Moonlight Enchantments

at the most magickal time of the year,
on the most mystical place on earth!

Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day. It is a Christian Holy Day with pagan roots. The word Halloween derives from medieval Britain's All Hallows' Eve which means All Saints' Eve.

The customs associated with Halloween find their roots in old Celtic paganism. The old Irish called dusk on October 31 until dusk on November 1 Samhain (So-wen), meaning "summer's end", and it represented the New Year or first day of winter. The Celtic calendar only recognized two seasons, winter and summer. The dark winter was the waning part of the year while light summer was the waxing half of the year.

During Samhain, the Celts believed that the veil between the earthly and spiritual realms was very thin. Spirits were able to easily reach the earth and roam the night terrifying the living by playing tricks on them. To ward away the spirits, bonfires burned, sweets were distrubed and everyone dressed in costumes and masks so spirits would mistake them for one of their own.

These customs were all in good fun. In different parts of North America and Europe, some of these practices still continue. (Halloween is the second biggest American holiday.) However, we must bear in mind that the Celts also honored their ancestors each Samhain. They performed spells and rituals calling upon them and the energy of the universe to help them through the winter months and the upcoming year. The energy of their magick still lives on.

Samhain is a spiritual, extraordinarily magickal time of the year and should always be remembered as and respected as such.

- Autumn Mist

Trapped In Mary's Mirror

There once was an old witch who lived in a small cottage deep in the Pennsylvania woods. The towns people never crossed her for fear of what may happen to them or their families. Soon, the little girls in the town began disappearing one by one. When the towns people confronted the witch, they noticed that she was no longer old. She was young and beautiful with long flowing auburn hair, snow-white skin and sparkling deep brown eyes. When the men found the graves of the children behind Mary's cottage, they built a huge fire and burned her alive. Before she met death, she glarred at those before her and vowed revenge. She promised that anyone who would look into a mirror at midnight on All Hallow's Eve chanting her name three times in a row would have their bodies torn to pieces as their soul pulled into the mirror to burn for all eternity as she was burned once on earth.

Dare to call Mary out to play?

- Autumn Mist

Mystical Creature: The Bat

Bats are associated with Halloween, vampires and the occult.
Here are some fun facts about bats:

*There are are over 1,000 species of bats in the world. They account for 25 percent of the mammal population.
*Some bats live up to 30 years.
*The bat's head looks more like a fox or dog than a rat. They're actually very cute.
*A bat could eat over 1,000 insects per hour.
*Bats have only one baby at a time. A baby bat is called a pup.
*Bats don't swoop down on people and get caught in their hair.
*They are very social and live in large groups.
*"Vampire bats" never attack people to feed.
*Bats have a very low incidence of rabies.
*If it wasn't for bats, we would be overrun by insects. Our food supply would diminish and we would be "eaten alive". These creatures should be respected, not feared.

- Autumn Mist

Fun Facts ~

Anglo-Saxon tribes referred to Halloween as "need fire" due to the darkness quickly moving into the evening hours. They would light bonfires to call upon sun magick and power to successfully survive the winter season.

Bobbing for applies is actually an old pagan baptismal ritual.

Jack-o-Lanterns were carved to ward off evil spirits, and the tradition still continues today. It's said when the light flickers, an evil spirit is being scared away.

Double, double toil and trouble;
fire burn and cauldron bubble.- - - Shakespeare "Macbeth"

Here are some spells and divinations you could do yourself . . .

Retrieve Lost Money Spell

If someone owes you money, and they refuse to pay, you could try this spell. Begin the spell on the 23rd of October. It will run for nine nights in a row, ending on Halloween.

On a piece of parchment paper, write the person's name and the amount owed nine times side by side. Fold the paper twice and write "return my money now" on the folded part. Place it under a dark colored glass or ceramic plate and above it, place a green, annointed money candle with the amount owed carved in it. Light the candle. Be still for a moment then chant three times:
"Return what is mine. Remourse will encompass you until it's returned. Dreams will be had until it's returned. This debt will fill your thoughts daily until it's returned. Pay the money now!"
Slip the paper out from under the plate and burn one small corner of it. Repeat this each night for nine nights. This spell will end on Halloween night. At the last night, burn the paper fully down, take the ashes and place them in a small black cloth tied with a green ribbon. Keep it in a safe place until the money is returned. With each night, make sure you say, "may harm come to no one as a result of this magick." That will keep everyone (including YOU) safe throughout the magickal process.

A Simple Spell Reversal

This is for simple spells. To reverse a simple spell, take a large black anointed candle and place it in a circle of salt. Light the candle and chant 13 times: "(The name of the spell), reverse. (The name of the spell), disburse. (The name of the spell), fade away. Magick and energy, do not stay." Let the candle totally burn out. (It may take hours.)
- Autumn Mist (from her new book)

Love Divination

If you're torn between lovers and desperately trying to determine which man is right for you, here's a divining method you could use. It will tell you who will be a loyal, faithful choice and who has insincere intentions.

Line up hazelnuts in front of a fire. Below each hazelnut write the name of each man on a piece of pure white paper. Then chant: "If you love me, pop and fly. If you hate me, burn and die." The one who truly loves you will pop.


I usually respond to emails within 24 hours. Since October is one of my two busiest times of the year, please allow 24 to 72 hours for regular email responses.

Please keep your dogs and especially cats inside during the days before, during and the days following Halloween. Animals, especially cats, are targeted for cruelty during this time of the year.

Please accompany your children on Halloween night. Don't feel security in older children accompanying younger children or older children going in groups. Older children can be targets of violence and abductions just as easily as smaller children. Kids are only kids for a short time. Dress up and accompany your kids. Enjoy your time as a parent!

Moonlight Enchantments is getting a new look. Check it out later this month!

If you wish to removed from this mailing list, please block this email address: We could remove you manually but it doesn't always readily go through so it's best you block us on your end if you do not wish to receive further mailings.

Magickal Specials

All Specials good through November 1 unless otherwise stated.

To purchase any of the below specials, please send payment via PayPal to

~Psychic Readings~

Séance Readings

Family Séance Readings will be held every Monday evening throughout October. These readings are to give you closure or connect you to those who have passed. Ask up to five important questions. The reading will be approximately 800 words, delivered to your inbox the following Tuesday. Limit five readings per night on a first come, first serve basis. Please book ahead.
Dates: October 5, 12, 19 and 26.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist and 12 of her relatives.
Special Rate

Haunted House Reading

Would you like to know who is visiting your home and family? Is it relatives that have passed? Ancestors? Friends? Strangers with a message? Do you believe your house is hanted? I would love to tell you what your resident ghosts are thinking and saying to you. This great reading is all about the ghosts that live in your home and function with you. Would you like to share your story with a professional who can connect with them and tell you what they are thinking? Guided by my natural intuition and spirituality, I could properly assess any strange activity you've experiencing and any strange activity in your dwelling. I could tell you if it's place memory, your own psychic energy or that of a living family member, a deceased loved one, a spirit possession or a dark energy force. I could provide you with full details of who or what is happening and why. I could also give you real advice on ridding yourself of the problem once and for all.
For a Haunted Reading, I will need the first names and ages of everyone who lives in your home, your general location and a photo of the outside of your home and any room where there is excessive activity.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist.
Detailed 500 Words - $50
Indepth 1,000 Words - $100

Tea Leaf Card Reading

Intense Tea Leaf Card Reading is extremely detailed. The reading includes a 12-Month forecast. You may also ask up to 10 questions for the Cards on any topic.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist
2,000 Words - $200

Celtic Gypsy Crystal Ball Reading

This is a vision reading. Through this reading, I could see visions of people and things you need to know. If there are secrets hidden from you or something you're curious about, I could look through my unique crystal and find the answers.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist.
Detailed 500 Words - $50
Indepth 1,000 Words - $100

Chilly Chat Reading

Regular chat reading at an irregular rate! October 8 and 29, 10 slots open on a first come, first serve basis by appointment only.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist.
15 Minutes for only $50
30 Minutes for only $100

Deluxe Psychic Spy Reading

Psychic Spy Readings are readings that focus exclusively on the literal thoughts of another person and what this person thinks of you, others or a specific situation. These are classic telepathy readings. I am telepathic, empathic and clairsentient which means I could read the thoughts and feelings of another person. I could tell you exactly how this person feels, thinks, their motivation, intentions, plans, desires and anything else you'd like to know. By gaining this knowledge, you will have insight on dealing with the person and/or situation!
Ask up to six questions.
Reading performed by Autumn Mist.
Indepth 1,000 Words - $100

~Magickal Enhancement Services~

Services below are performed by Autumn Mist

Psychic Assessment

You take the test, and I will send you a report telling you your psychic strengths and weaknesses.
Special Rate - $50

Psychic Development Classes

Six Private Lessons teaching you to enhance your psychic strengths as much as possible and addressing your weaknesses to their highest potenital. Each session is 30 minutes weekly by online chat.
Special Rate - $500

Psychic Reiki

I'll perform three reiki sessions to strengthen your psychic ability.
Special Rate - $100

Psychic Development Spell

I will perform a spell series of three nights to assist you on strengthening your psychic ability.
Special Rate - $100

Psychic Development Power Spell Series

I will perform a power spell series of nine night to assist you on developing and strengthening your psychic ability.
Special Rate - $300

Celtic (Christian) Magick Professional
Spell & Divining Course

This is a very special course that teaches the Magickal Arts of the ancient Celts (with or without a Christian flare, depending upon your preference). You will learn secret history, spells, tools and divination methods that were passed down for generations. Some of them, passed down only in my family. While I can't reveal all of my secrets, this course shows you enough that you will be a skilled, professionally-ready magickal practioner able to solve your issues as well as the issues of others. There is also a business portion of this course so you will learn professional ethics, laws and tax information necessary to run a metaphysical/new age practice. The course is approximately one year in length, extremely detailed and packed with valuable, interesting information. There will be 48, 1-hour in length personal lessons with me via online chat and some via telephone. No extra charges apply.
Special Rate - $8,000

Celtic (Christian) Magick Personal Course

This course teaches the magickal arts of the ancient Celts (with or without a Christian flare, depending upon your preference). You will learn spells, tools and divination methods that were passed down for generations. Some of them, passed down only in my family. While I can't reveal all of my secrets, this course shows you enough that you will be a skilled, personal magickal practioner able to solve your issues as well as the issues of your loved ones. You will never need to use another professional spell caster again. The course is approximately six-months in length, extremely detailed and packed with valuable, interesting information. There will be 22, 1-hour in length personal lessons with me via online chat. No extra charges apply.
Special Rate - $4,000

~Super Spells & Power Enchantments~

Autumn Moon Magick!
One Month of Unlimited Spells

. . . cast by
World Renowned Coven of Professional Spell Casters! This is a Special offer for Unlimited Spells cast on your behalf for 30 days! This is in honor of autumn, the most powerful season for magick.
We will cast up to 30 spells (a spell per night) on any and all matters pertaining to you. Love Spells, Money Spells, Psychic Development Spells, Prosperity Spells, Family Spells, Career Spells, Justice Spells, etc. The Spells will be cast by the Power of Three to create the highest magick and strongest possible energy to accomplish all your goals.
This is an exclusive, incredibly good, one-of-a-kind offer performed by Autumn Mist and MoonDancer with special nightly boosters by Jacenta Dawn.
Special Rate - $1,200

Dark Moon Rising Spell

This Special Spell is perfect for the waning part of the year. It helps end horrible behavior in others, such as a spouse, partner, friend or child. It breaks bad habits and leads your loved one to a healthy lifestyle and fulfilling relationship with you. Incredible results manifest during this time of the year! If there's someone who needs help, now is the time to act!
Spell Performed by Autumn Mist
Special Rate - $300

Super Power Telepathy Love Spell

My Telepathy Spells are incredible, powerful, amazing and immediate. This is the spell to choose if you want someone to understand your point of view on a matter or if you want to convince someone to do something. I do not control their free will. It literally anonymously transfers your thoughts, suggestions, feelings and ideas to another person so he or she believes them to be his own. This is a great influencer! If you want someone to feel, know or decide something, this may be the spell for you.Super Fast Results!
This is the most power telepathy love spell known to man.
Spell performed by Autumn Mist.
Special Rate - $300

Dark Love Magick Enchantments Spell

This is an extreme love magick spell that will super empower any matter of the heart. It works very well for complicated situations involving a third party. Many issues could be addressed at once. It's wonderful to stop a divorce, reunite lovers or knock out the competition so you could finally have the person you've been dreaming of. The spell allows you to overcome obstacles, banish negative outside influences and people and bind the target with deep and meaningful love. This spell also allows for a bit of personal justice if someone wronged you as well, whether it be your mate or a love rival. The spell series will be cast for 15 nights and the power spell series will be cast for 30 nights with the strongest, highest quality ingredients and tools. The spell will *begin to manifest immediately and is outrageously forceful. You will feel the affects as well as the object of your affection. Success of this spell is highest in the business and it is being cast by three extremely powerful practitioners (one being among the world's strongest) at the most powerful time of the year! If started in October, this spell will be nine times more powerful than normal.
Performed by Autumn Mist and MoonDancer with special nightly boosters by Jacenta Dawn.
Spell Series (15 Nights) - $500
Power Spell Series (30 Nights) - $900
*Energy moves immediately. Results manifest thereafter.

Secret Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM

Deep in my family's box of treasures from Old Ireland, the most magickal country in the world, an Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM book remains. This handwritten book contains a series of bindings that have been passed down in my family for seven generations. The books was written by my great grandmother's great grandmother, who was one of the most powerful witches of her time. People travelled from all ends of Europe to seek her magick. Every generation in my family since has been taught the Secret Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM to secure a peaceful life filled with love and prosperity. My paternal grandmother took things a bit further. Not only did she use the Binding on herself and her children and grandchildren, but she also (very successfully) used it on others. This is the same Binding that was taught to me by my paternal aunt on my 33rd birthday, 4 days prior to Samhain (Halloween). Now I'm offering it to you!
What is the Eternal Bewitchment BindingTM?
It is a permanent spell that binds magickal energy to you so that you may use the magick at will. This means that you could need or want something and by only your wish, it could happen. And the effects are eternal and endless. Your wishes are unlimited and the magick will be bound to you for life. We will bewitch you with the eternal magick so you could permanently, by will, change and improve you life.
This binding will give you unlimited power to charge:
Romantic Love
Family Relationships
Stengthen or Find Friendships
Meet Business Goals
Social Positions
Any and All Positive Life Matters!
It will allow you to combat:
Malicious Attacks From Others
Reputation Damage
Personal Justice
Any and All Negative Life Matters!
The rules attached to this Magick:
*You must never wish harm upon an innocent person or animal. If you do, nothing bad will happen to them, but you will lose your power.
*The wishes apply to you personally. The only wishes that you could apply to others is physical protection of your direct line family members (parents/grandparents/children/grandchildren). You cannot use the power to find a husband for your best friend, but you could use the power to find a husband for youself. You cannot use the power so your friend gains $100,000 but you could use the power so you do, and so forth.
*You must not use the magick for greed. You may use the power to give yourself (and, in turn, your family) a very comfortable lifestyle. However, blatant greed will cause you to lose your power.
*You must wish for logical things; not the impossible. Wishing to lose 100 lbs. in one month, or for Johnny Depp to knock on your door with a marriag proposal, or to raise the dead, are impossible, unattainable wishes.
*This magick could protect your health if you're already healthy. It could prevent certain illnesses or injuries. It could help chronic conditions. However, it cannot cure terminal diseases. Also, you cannot test the magick and it be affective. An example would be praying to God not to let you have a car accident by running into a telephone pole, then testing Him by intentionally running into a pole. You have to maintain reasonable health habits for the magick to work for health purposes.
If you purchase this Binding, you will never have to use a spell caster again. You will never have to cast spells again. Merely wishing under the rules will allow things to transpire for you.
This spell will never be revealed to anyone outside my family due to the secrecy of it. Therefore, proof of casting by audio and/or video is no offered with this Binding.
The Binding normally takes 99 days to complete. However, being October and in the performance company of Autumn Mist and 12 of her relatives, the spell will be fully completely in 9 days. Only Three Available for October on a first come, first serve basis!
Very Special Rate - $3,000

~ Special Halloween Night Spell Castings ~

If you need help and have been putting it off, this is the time to act! Your intuition led you to us at the most powerful time of the year!

This Halloween, we will be performing deep and extremely powerful magick that will harness incredible energy to elevate you to new heights and help accomplish each and every one of your goals! A family coven of 13 members, our combined efforts, extraordinarily powered with the night in itself, should bring you intense, tangible results with record speed . . . IF you take advantage of this opportunity.
And all this at an incredibly low rate!

The Halloween Spell is a ball of concentrated energy! The Spell drips with extreme, unrelenting strength that won't accept no for an answer. It creates enormous magick to successfully aid you in attaining peace and happiness in any life matter. It is laced with increasing, building energy to diminish each and every one of your difficult obstacles to make all your goals and dreams a reality. The Spell can begin brand new magick or assist existing magick.
Limited number available!
Please book as soon as possible if you're interested.

One-Night Halloween Spell
Cast on Halloween Night
13 Times Stronger Than Normal Spells
Six Available on a First Come, First Serve Basis
Special Rate - $500

Three-Night Halloween Spell
Beginning on Oct. 29, Finishing Halloween Night
27 Times Stronger Than Normal Spells
Three Available on a First Come, First Serve Basis
Special Rate - $700

Seven-Night Halloween Spell
Beginning on Oct. 25, Finishing Halloween Night
42 Times Stronger Than Normal Spells
Four Available on a First Come, First Serve Basis
Special Rate - $900

Deluxe Halloween Spell
Secret Family Halloween Casting
100 Times Stronger Than Normal Spells
Five Available on a First Come, First Serve Basis
Also Includes:
Nine Booster Spells Performed Through November
Free Energy Updates by Email (Upon Client Request)
One Complimentary Personal Celtic Cross Tarot Reading (500 words)
Special Rate - $1,200

Free proof of casting by one-night audio recording available for most spells for clients within the U.S. Audio recording play back is available for international clients via Skype. Premium proof of casting by up to 10 night audio recording (on spell series) and video recording is available for most spells as well. This is an optional, paid service. Proof of casting is NOT a requirement for spell casting services. If you wish to order proof of casting, it is your responsibility to do so (even free proof of casting). To respect your privacy, we will not automatically send you a free tape OR schedule a Skype appointment.
*NOTE: Any requested proof of casting for the Month of October will be mailed out or scheduled for Skype when we return to the U.S. after November 2.

Spells may be reversed and/or redirected within 60 days of the original casting date at no extra charge. If you change your mind after 60 days, normal charges for reversal and/or redirection will apply.

Free energy updates available for 60 days after the original spell date. Cost of brief energy updates thereafter is $5 per report. Psychic Readings are a separate, optional service and regular charges apply.

November Specials will be released November 1, 2009!

Thank you for your friendship and your business!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Season!

Magical Irish Blessings Upon You All!

Copyright 2009 Moonlight Enchantments.
All Rights Reserved.

Must be 18+ To Receive Services!
For Legal Purposes & To Satisfy Varying Beliefs, I must state services are for entertainment purposes only. Moonlight Enchantments is a spiritual-based business and subject to your own interpretation. Moonlight Enchantments and representatives are not responsible for the outcome of services. By purchasing services, you agree to these terms.

Friday, October 2, 2009



Autumn Mist has safely arrived in Northern Ireland. She will be there visiting relatives through the month of October BUT SHE IS STILL WORKING!

The October Newsletter and Specials will be sent out via email over the weekend.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Internet Up

The internet is up. The outage only lasted four hours.

We are returning emails.



Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet Down

Dear Clients,

The internet is down in Autumn Mist's area. If a reading or email is owed to you, she will respond after the service is repaired. This may take up to 48 hours. Apologies are sent for any inconvenience.

If you have any questions, you may contact me at:

Thank you.

Bright Blessings,
Professional Psychic at
Stairway To Magick exclusively at